Advertising in the BigSpark network

Every month, the websites, social media and newsletters of BigSpark reach a million people. We offer our advertisers the possibility to get in touch with our users in an appealing way through branding campaigns or via our targeted sales and transaction-driven communication.

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Targeted advertising

Get in touch with our audience by using targeted advertisement


Display ads

Creating brand awareness with a high impact display ad. Effective (re)targeting is possible, for example via device type, subjects or specific placements within our network. We have different formats available for desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Native ads

Arouse interest by highlighting the unique aspects of your product, service or offer by using native ads. Our network offers several featured or sponsored content positions which are available for native ads.

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Performance ads

Performance ads are action-oriented campaigns with the aim of achieving targeted conversions or purchases for your product or service. Performance ads can for example be used in our price comparison tools.

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Here you can find our diverse advertising possibilities on our BigSpark network.
Download our media kit (.pdf) or get in contact with us for more information.

Display advertising Android Planet iPhoned
(970 x 250 px)
€19,- CPM €19,- CPM
(300 x 600 px)
€14,- CPM €14,- CPM
(300 x 250 px)
€10,- CPM €10,- CPM
Mobile banner
(300 x 250 px)
€10,- CPM €10,- CPM
Native advertising Android Planet iPhoned
Featured header
Premium position on all pages (per week)
€4.250,- €4.000,-
Sponsored content (per week)
€2.950,- €2.500,-
Testpanel €5.500,-
(excl. incentive)
(excl. incentive)
(excl. incentive)
(excl. incentive)
Sponsoring monthly theme from €6.000,- from €6.000,-
Performance advertising Android Planet iPhoned
Responsive advertisements (in-read) in all articles
€1,65 CPC €1,65 CPC
Highlighted deal (abonnementen)
Sponsored top position in price comparison
€1,65 CPC €1,65 CPC
Highlighted deal (los)
Sponsored top position in price comparison (new / refurbished)
€1,25 CPC €1,25 CPC
Product integration in price comparison
Product integration of smartphone product range
Upon request Upon request

Download mediakit (.pdf)

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