targets a broad audience of smartphone users aged 12 to 75 years old. In an accessible way, offers news, tips and reviews, but our telecommunication experts also give advice on which smartphone and other gadgets you should buy. The team of editors are experienced journalists, each with their own specialism and experience.

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Choosing a new smartphone gets harder by the day. Manufacturers seem to launch a new device each week, there are an endless number of different Android brands, new and popular iPhones and don’t forget about the Windows Phones and BlackBerry. provides consumers an overview of the best smartphones of the moment.

Tips and tricks

Whether you want to make your smartphone faster, aim to extend the battery life or are searching for your stolen of missing device, the useful tips and tricks of always points you in the right direction. Our articles can be filtered on the type of smartphone you are using.

Audience addresses a broad audience: young and old, beginners and more experienced users. The target audience consists of Android, iOS and Windows Phone-users. Monthly, around 50,000 visitors pass the website by. 80 per cent of them is from the Netherlands.

Audience aims to answer generic requests for help and give useful tips to all kind of smartphone users. Examples include an overview of the best smartphones of this moment and most popular applications.


The audience of is part of a relative affluent class of society (AB1: high).


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