iPhoned is one of the largest Apple websites in the Netherlands and offers the latest news, useful tips, and reviews of apps and the newest Apple-devices to our readers and followers. Since its foundation in 2007, iPhoned has become a familiar face in the Apple-community in the Netherlands, reaching tens of thousands of people each day.

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Off to a good start

iPhoned is the starting point of every Apple enthusiast. A team of experienced Apple specialists makes sure the website is always up to date. They report the latest news, write useful tips and review the applications and Apple products and accessories.

Over the years the Apple ecosystem has had a steady growth. That is why iPhoned not only pays attention to the iPhone, but also to other Apple devices like the Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV and MacBook as well. Furthermore, important topics like new iOS versions, CarPlay, WhatsApp and Homekit are also getting their share of attention on the website.

News, background articles, deals, opinion and colums

iPhoned is out there for all Apple users and gives information about all Apple developments in the world. This we do on a daily base. In this matter ‘only the best of Apple’ applies.
On the website (and in the app) you can find daily news, (own) scoops and researches, special (daily)deals and reports of events.

Tips, guides, apps and top lists

On iPhoned you can find an extended section of useful Apple tips for beginners, but also for more advanced users that want to get the maximum out of their software and devices. A lot of these tips are also offered in video format. Next to this, visitors can find thousands of app-reviews. Users in this way can choose easily for the right apps in a great variety of actual themes.

Important subjects are produced in videos and guides. Everything what is useful to know about a certain theme is bundeld for the end user.

Themes and iOS versions

iPhoned explores actual themes; These are subjects that deserve just a little bit more attention. The reason for this is that they are trending, or because we receive a lot of questions about it. Also we describe, give tips and review all Apple software versions in the iOS version overview.

Product reviews

The editors of iPhoned review on a continue base all Apple devices that appear on the market, like iPhones, iPads, Airpods, Macbooks, Apple TV, Apple Watches and new software like Apple Arcade and Carplay.

The devices are tested by a professional expert, and all important functionalities and features are assessed. A product receives a review score and also the best prices and deals are shown, when available. A video review is made of the most important and popular Apple products.

Compare specs and prices of devices

An important part of iPhoned is the device and price comparison tool. which can compare all the different Apple devices. Its possibilities are unique: With this tool, our users can easily compare iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches on price, delivery and shop reviews. Our price comparison system sorts out which Dutch web shop has the best deal or conditions and presents the results real-time.

A visitor has the possibility to apply specific preferences like memory, color and delivery time. When searching for a device with a deal, preferences like number of minutes, MBs and provider can also be applied. In a second it becomes clear where you can score the best possible deal!

App, newsletter, video, social media and other

Native app: iPhoned has its own native app available via the App store. This app gives access to all content, has the possibility to receive push notifications for (breaking) articles and offers daily and weekly news overviews;

Newsletter: Via the daily or weekly newsletter users are kept up to date about the last news on iPhoned;

Youtube: iPhoned has an active video strategy. Videos are made for important tips, reviews, hands-on, reviews en guides and placed on our iPhoned channel of Youtube;

Social media: iPhoned publishes actively on X, Facebook and Instagram.

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Every month, iPhoned reaches more than a million of visitors via the website and social media like Twitter and Facebook. Around 90 percent of the visitors are Dutch, 9 percent is from Belgium.

More than 45,000 subscribers receive our roundup of the latest Apple news and developments via a daily or weekly newsletter.

Early adopters

The target audience of iPhoned is specified by a large number of early adopters who are well educated and part of a relative affluent class of society (AB1: high).

The male/female ratio is more or less the same. Areas of interest of the visitors of iPhoned are amongst others: technology, movies, news and shopping.

User research

An elaborate user research found that our visitors grade us with an 8 (December 2014).


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