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Android Planet is de largest Google and Android-related website in the Benelux, made by and for enthusiasts. The website was founded in January 2009, when the first Android smartphone was launched. Android Planet inspires millions of readers with background articles, tips, reviews and more.

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Made by and for enthusiast

Android Planet is de most popular Dutch website on Android. Every day, the editors, who are driven tech journalists, cover the trends and developments in the world of Google and Android. You can think of news, tips, background articles and charts with the best devices and apps.

The ecosystem of Android is available for smartphones, tablets, wearables and gadgets, which are individually and extensively examined by our editors, because we think that technology improves and enriches our lives.

Compare specs and prices of devices

Android Planet features a powerful and unique device and price comparison tool. With this tool, our users can easily compare Android smartphones on price, delivery and shop reviews. Our price comparison system sorts out which Dutch web shop has the best deal or conditions and presents the results real-time.

Our price comparison tool distincts itself because of the large range of preferences a user can apply. Examples of these preferences are memory, color and delivery time. When searching for a device with a deal, preferences like number of minutes, MBs and provider can also be applied. In a second it becomes clear where you can score the best possible deal!


Android Planet reaches more than a million visitors every month and tens of thousands of fans via Twitter and Facebook. Around 13,000 subscribers receive a weekly or daily mailing with a roundup of the latest Android news and developments.


The diversity of the Android ecosystem is reflected in the audience of the website. The visitors have a broad range of interests and are part of a relative affluent class of society (AB1: high).

65 percent of the visitors of Android Planet are men. More than 85 percent of the audience visits the website from the Netherlands, approximately 10 percent from Belgium. Areas of interest of visitors include: technology, movies, news and shopping.

User research

An elaborate user research found that our visitors grade us with an 8.5 (December 2014).


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Rate card

Check the rate card below to see an overview of the advertising possibilities and rates on Android Planet. We have a broad range of display, native and performance positions available.

For more information you can take a look at the advertising page on this website or contact us for further explanation and custom-made advertising campaigns.


Awareness – Display
(970 x 250 px)
€19,- CPM
Half Page Ad
(300 x 600 px)
€12,- CPM
(300 x 250 px)
€10,- CPM
Mobile banner
(300 x 250 px)
€9,- CPM
Interest – Native
Featured header
Premium positie onder navigatiebalk op alle pagina’s (per week)
Gesponsorde artikelen (per week)
Contest €2.000,-
(excl. incentive)
Sponsoring monthly theme
Sponsored articles (per month)
from €6.000,-
Action – Performance
Highlighted deal
Gesponsorde vermelding bovenin prijsvergelijker/aanbiedingenblokken
€1,50 CPC
Responsive advertentie (in-read) in alle artikelen
€1,50 CPC
Tip Blok
Responsive advertisement in a prominent position on the device page
€1,50 CPC

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